My large studies portray what I have come to see as non-navigable landscape. It is fun to wander over the paper, pen in hand, drawing depth through contrast. This work does not demand the sit-up-straight style of right-brain attention as does much of what I do. My approach was technical for so long because I am from Detroit where the norms of automotive precision engineering dominate.

These days it is engaging be a vagabond of sorts, wandering over the paper surface with a less intentional agenda, yet with more wonder and play. All an artist can do, after all, is skitter around reality with her tools, capturing something of the inconstant boundaries of living subjects.

The Gravity of the Rose by Chris Duke

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Iris at Midnight by Chris Duke

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Gazing Iris by Chris Duke

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Iris in a Hushed World by Chris Duke

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Iris on Green Field by Chris Duke

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Iris with Bees by Chris Duke

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Blue Iris by Chris Duke

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Iris Explained by Chris Duke

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Ethereal Iris by Chris Duke

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Iris on Blue by Chris Duke

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Iris Study by Chris Duke

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Two Iris Study - I by Chris Duke

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