2015 Westminster Dog Show, New York City

2015 Westminster Dog Show - Chris Duke

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November 15, 2014

It is an honor to be the official artist of the 139th Annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. This year my art, which I named “I’ll Paint the Sky,” depicts the 2014 Best in Show winner, a frisky Wire Fox Terrier named “Afterall, Painting the Sky.” She is surrounded on the stage by her fellow terriers, while up in the sky are friends from the other canine groups.

My husband John and I look forward to being at the Dog Show on February 16-17, 2015, and hope you will come see us at the poster signing desk! We feel a special simpatico with our fellow dog lovers. To hear many profound Best Dog stories, the days are a privilege. It is meaningful to focus and reflect upon the mysterious and dear companions who share our homes.

The Westminster art is always a challenge to design as it must incorporate many elements from the magnificent dogs to the Empire State Building, Madison Square Garden and Manhattan skyline. The illustrator part of me thrives on such challenges. For this painting I used a palette with predominant gold and purple, the emblematic colors of the show.

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