PawCasso Art Auction, Washington, DC

PawCasso Art Auction, Washington, DC - Chris Duke

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April 20, 2013

I donated this piece, Two Iris Study, to Homeward Trails for their annual PawCasso art auction in Washington, DC. The event was expertly organized, lively as well as moving, and an amazing success.

Homeward Trails is a commendable animal rescue organization that is close to my heart. Based in Arlington, VA, the group brings together devoted volunteers to find homes for stray animals, animals in high-kill shelters, and animals whose owners can no longer care for them.

Thanks to Homeward Trails’ large network of animal foster care providers and the funds it raises through events like PawCasso, many well-deserving dogs and cats land in permanent, loving homes. I am delighted that my iris art did very well in the auction.

More of my flower drawings are viewable at the link below.