Bridge by Chris Duke

I did this piece over months, putting it aside when... read more

Clubhouse at Sawgrass by Chris Duke

While preparing to do my portrait of Phil Mickelson,... read more

Grace Church in Summer by Chris Duke

My church hired me to paint our church so that our well-... read more

Millbrook Bank and Reardon Briggs by Chris Duke

Years ago when I lived there, I made a series of four... read more

Vera Berray and the Corner News by Chris Duke

This art is one of a series of four pieces I did of... read more

Grace Church, Millbrook by Chris Duke

I did many drawings for Grace Church in Millbrook, NY,... read more

Velletri’s and Country Consignments, Millbrook by Chris Duke

Joseph Velletri’s Sons is Millbrook’s local paint store... read more