Woman with Orange Shawl - I by Chris Duke

The degrees of separation between the woman and author... read more

Woman with Orange Shawl - II by Chris Duke

As I concentrate intently on the act of painting, it is... read more

Woman Reading in Rose Garden by Chris Duke

Admittedly, I added the rose garden as an appropriate... read more

Woman with Chrysanthemums by Chris Duke

The flowers in this painting were fun to paint. This... read more

Inga Reading - I by Chris Duke

I love the mood of a person absorbed in a book, silently... read more

Inga Reading - II by Chris Duke

After my husband Stan died, I moved to Hoboken to be... read more

Inga Reading - III by Chris Duke

Reading is contemplative, and here cozy as well.

Inga Reading - IV by Chris Duke

In the apartment, we had an old quilt on a tired sofa.... read more

Blue Mosque by Chris Duke

When my daughter lived in Turkey, I fell in love with... read more

Bosphorus Fishing Boats by Chris Duke

Seeing the marvelous color of these fishing boats, I was... read more

Hagia Sophia (Aya Sofya) by Chris Duke

I paint to remember, and to reflect on what my mind can’... read more

Market by Chris Duke

The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul is astounding – a vast... read more

Minaret by Chris Duke

In isolation, minarets have a space age flavor. This... read more

New Mosque (Yeni Cami) by Chris Duke

The New Mosque is actually very old, built in the 16th... read more

White Steamboat by Chris Duke

I was fascinated by the unceasing activity both... read more