River Road Art Gallery, Wilton, Connecticut

River Road Art Gallery - Chris Duke

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December 6, 2014

I am delighted to have a new gallery affiliation with the River Road Gallery in Wilton, CT, and look forward to working with owner Roslyn Strivzer and gallery manager Pat Blossom. Their enthusiasm for the art they show is inspiring. I love this little gallery. My paintings, including Woman with Orange Shawl I & II, Woman Reading in Rose Garden, Woman with Chrysanthemums, Iris in a Hushed World, Iris with Bees and Iris at Midnight, graced a gallery wall for the Christmas season.

It is fascinating to paint people at repose, reading. One gets a feeling for the present humor of a model when studying her in the solitude of a private space. The attitude of a painting definitely shifts, be the subject perusing homework, flipping through the latest issue of VOGUE, or focusing on a gripping novel. Just how much is my projection, versus her unique sensibility of the moment, is a mystery. Painting people is relational.

More of my paintings and art of flowers can be viewed at the links below.