2013 Westminster Dog Show, New York City, NY

2013 Westminster Dog Show - Chris Duke

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February 11, 2013

My painting Inside Westminster was chosen as a finalist in the 2013 Westminster Dog Show poster competition. It was a great challenge composing this piece, which features the entire story of the Westminster Show, from gorgeous dogs being bathed, blow dried, and embellished with mascara, to the culminating runway performances. In the center, I painted the 2012 winners of the seven breed groups with their handlers on the show floor, as well as star Malachy, top dog of 2012.

I loved being able to tell the exhilarating story of Westminster, start to finish. This piece was possible because my husband and I had terrific photographer seats at the Westminster Dog Show in 2012, when my artwork of Scottish Deerhound Hickory was featured on the official Westminster poster. Telephoto lens in hand, we took over a thousand pictures during the two-day event.

Inside Westminster was on display at the 2013 dog show where many viewers were delighted to point out friends as well as themselves in the art. It was their real story.

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