Burlington Library One-Man Portrait Show, Burlington, CT

Burlington, CT One-Man Show - Chris Duke

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December 1, 2012

In November and December 2012, a one-man show featuring my portraits of people and dogs is hanging in the modern and very elegant Burlington Library in Burlington, Connecticut. The librarians tell me that this show has been their most successful and best-loved ever. People linger and ask questions, and often choose a favorite portrait. It seems many people have owned and loved a Golden Retriever because my painting of Alex was very popular.

For an artist who works on commission (and thus does not keep the original works), it can be a challenge to pull together fifty paintings. However, because I continuously experiment with new subjects and ideas, I am fortunate to have enough art on hand to assemble a show-worthy group of works. The subjects and styles are quite diverse and exploratory, which makes the show a lot of fun.

My portraits of people and dogs can be seen at the links below.