Latest Dog Paintings

Latest Dog Paintings - Chris Duke

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November 2, 2016

The Havanese (left) are breathtakingly beautiful. They run with grace. I love the stories of their deep love and loyalty. In 2015, we photographed many dear Havanese dogs at the National Dog Show. With such heart-stopping, best-of-breed reference, I had to do a piece of art!

Due to requests, I am offering a giclee print of this art, 16x20 inches, $200 plus $25 shipping. The giclees are beautiful! If you would like to order a print, please email me at

The painting English Setter Morey with Sisters (top right) was a challenge! I learned a lot in the process and am very happy with it.

I drew many champion canines this year, but it is always a pleasure to draw a family pet like my dear little Lucy (bottom right) with her peccadilloes in full glory. While Lucy does not reflect the breed standard with her long legs and crossed eyes, she has our favorite Boston Terrier structure. She is an esteemed individual around New Hartford. The UPS and FedEx folk know her by name and the auto shop mechanics invite her into their shops. We prefer dining al fresco at establishments where Lucy is welcome and the wait staff greets her. She is such a great dog and friend.