Original Works

Time Machine Wrist Watch by Chris Duke

This piece was pure fun. In preparation, I needed some techno... read more

Ataturk Montage by Chris Duke

When my daughter lived in Turkey, I spent some time traveling... read more

Flutist by Chris Duke

After the confines of many annual report illustration jobs, I... read more

Engine by Chris Duke

For many jobs, I must adhere to strict parameters regarding... read more

Arc of a Kick by Chris Duke

When my son Stan studied Taekwondo, I was fascinated with the... read more

Star Chart by Chris Duke

My celestial chart includes children’s Building Blocks, the... read more

Operation Wedding Day by Chris Duke

My husband’s three daughters married within a year of one... read more

Wedding Procession by Chris Duke

This artwork was purely for pleasure. I was captivated by the... read more

St. Nicholas by Chris Duke

Years ago I undertook a project to write and illustrate a... read more

Inga on Garden Wall by Chris Duke

While doing a lot of historical illustration, I collected... read more

Bedtime by Chris Duke

Inspired by children's book illustration of the early... read more

Girls Reading on Window Seat by Chris Duke

Experimentation is exciting and eye-opening. This is my... read more

John Lennon by Chris Duke

I drew John Lennon early in my career, at a time of great... read more