Grace Church Art Presentation to the Rt. Rev. Doug Fisher, Millbrook, NY

Grace Church Art Presentation - Chris Duke

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July 29, 2012

It is rare that I do a piece as deeply meaningful to me as this painting of Grace Church, commissioned by the church as a farewell gift for the beloved departing priest, Doug Fisher. Over the decades, this is the third farewell painting I have done for Grace Church priests when they move on. At the farewell party, held at the Millbrook School on July 29, 2012, I got to present the art myself.

Doug, now the Very Reverend Douglas Fisher, Bishop of Western Massachusetts, has this painting in his home where I hope it evokes good memories of the Millbrook years. He and his family touched the lives of many people.

In this photo, Doug is on the far left in his Grace Church t-shirt. His wife, the Rev. Betsy Fisher, is sitting at his side.

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