Commercial Illustration

Westminster Dog Show 2014 Poster by Chris Duke

This piece, "Where the Stars Come Out," was chosen as... read more

Hickory - 2012 Westminster Poster by Chris Duke

It was a gargantuan job to organize the reference for... read more

John Braine by Chris Duke

I loved illustrating John Braine, a British novelist... read more

Insomnia by Chris Duke

I did this illustration for a pharmaceutical company... read more

Romeo and Juliet by Chris Duke

I asked a local teenager who was painting our barn... read more

Guitar Pick by Chris Duke

This piece was for a university publication that... read more

Canning in Delaware by Chris Duke

This piece for an annual report of the container... read more

Goodyear Ad by Chris Duke

The subject matter is dated now, but I love this ad... read more

Chrysler Motor by Chris Duke

My illustrations for Chrysler, of which these are a... read more

Mount Crushmore by Chris Duke

Like so many jobs, this one for ESPN Magazine was a... read more

Barge Laying Pipe, North Atlantic by Chris Duke

Corporate annual reports, illustrated throughout by... read more

Reach Toothbrush Renaissance Man by Chris Duke

I did this drawing for a Johnson & Johnson Reach... read more

Paper Mill in Georgia by Chris Duke

I travelled to Georgia to photograph this paper mill... read more

Bell Telephone - Teleconference by Chris Duke

Though it doesn’t seem that long ago, I illustrated... read more

People Magazine Cherubs by Chris Duke

If covert photographers could not capture Madonna’s... read more

Pipe Extruder by Chris Duke

This piece, printed in an annual report for Condec,... read more

Robotic Arm by Chris Duke

This illustration of a flexing robotic arm appeared in... read more

Anti-lock Brake Mechanism

This illustration was printed as a spread in a... read more

Electric Alternator by Chris Duke

This illustration for a Condec annual report features... read more