Art of Dogs

I am proud to be the illustrator of the 2016 National Dog Show. While drawing, I ponder that every dog I illustrate is the best kind of friend to someone, attentive and eager to interact. It is an honor to capture canine moments. The National Dog Show is spectacular, the day spent signing posters of my work while sharing stories with fellow dog folk. Previously, I was a three-time official artist of the Westminster Dog Show.

In the abstract, I love the working and sporting breeds, graciously determined in their purposeful roles. However, our little Boston Terrier Lucy (of the non-sporting variety), who lovingly stares at us with her cocked head and serious expression, is ever ready to play games that she seems to devise herself. Lucy is the best pal to see in the early morning with her palatable excitement for the Best Dog Day Ever just ahead.

National Dog Show 2016 Poster by Chris Duke

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Operation National Dog Show by Chris Duke

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National Dog Show 2015 Poster by Chris Duke

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Westminster Dog Show 2015 Poster by Chris Duke

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Westminster Dog Show 2014 Poster by Chris Duke

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Inside Westminster by Chris Duke

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English Setter Morey with Sisters by Chris Duke

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Hickory - 2012 Westminster Poster by Chris Duke

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The Beautiful Havanese by Chris Duke

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Amanda and Odin by Chris Duke

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Sally Mo-Mo by Chris Duke

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Best Friends for 15 Years by Chris Duke

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Inga and Lucy by Chris Duke

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Niko by Chris Duke

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Nell and True by Chris Duke

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Daisy Dew by Chris Duke

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Yoshka You're the Top by Chris Duke

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Iris the Schnauzer by Chris Duke

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Muggles Best Dog by Chris Duke

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Rosie by Chris Duke

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Muggles on Her Rug by Chris Duke

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Morey by Chris Duke

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Lucy in Open Fields by Chris Duke

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Winston by Chris Duke

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Yoshka and Stormy by Chris Duke

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Yoshka Montage by Chris Duke

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Alex by Chris Duke

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Hickory - Profile Study by Chris Duke

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Hickory - Two Studies by Chris Duke

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Huggles by Chris Duke

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Irish Setter Study by Chris Duke

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Yoshka as a Puppy by Chris Duke

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Yoshka the Leonberger by Chris Duke

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Cairn Terrier by Chris Duke

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